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BEA: Prairies is a new initiative that promotes equity and diversity in the city-building professions.  Our organization aims to support, celebrate, and connect practitioners working in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, the construction industry, and interior design across the prairies. BEA Prairies uses an intersectional and cross-disciplinary approach to support leadership, mentorship, and networking opportunities in our professional community.  We host events and public lectures; work to generate awareness and dialogue around inclusive practices and addressing barriers; and celebrate the multiplicity of voices, hands, and minds who plan and design our communities.


Through our regional initiatives, we leverage opportunities for practitioners of all genders to connect with leaders and mentors in our city-building professions across the prairies in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. In collaboration with Building Equality in Architecture Toronto (BEAT), BEA: Vancouver/Victoria and BEA: Atlantic, we will be working to connect and support design and planning professionals all across Canada.

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