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BEAP City Builders Speaker Series: Architects at Play

BEA Prairies is pleased to announce its next talk in the City Builders Speaker Series featuring Grant LaBossiere, Joseph Orobia, and Paulo Castillo of Winnipeg-based architecture firm Architects at Play. Join us to hear them discuss their latest work and the importance of play in their practice!

Tuesday, April 23 at 7pm

Prairie Architects (101-139 Market Avenue)


Architects At Play is an architecture firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founded by three award-winning designers: Grant LaBossiere, Joseph Orobia, and Paulo Castillo, “Play”, as they affectionately call themselves, offers the full breadth of architectural services and design consultation. Play empowers people to come to creative solutions by engaging in exploration and making.  It is in our nature to be playful, and they believe playfulness gets us to better creative solutions. 

Even before they began their practice, Grant, Jo, and Paulo believed that they could make a difference, not just through architecture, but also by getting involved in the Winnipeg community. Play is a mentor for the Seven Oaks and Maples MET Schools as well as Murdoch MacKay's sTEAM program. These programs focus on student-centered education where students are actively invested in their learning and are challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators and professionals. It is through their partnership with these programs that Play introduces students to design education, mindfulness, and creative thinking. Through their 5-Minute LEGO® Design Challenge and Empathy Challenge, Play tasks students to learn the importance of time management, the impact of limited resources, the benefit of having help, and the importance of play in the creative process. Through these challenges, Play finds that students become engaged, which leads to discovery and creative problem solving. 

How do you “play” architecture? How do we re-discover childhood? How do we empower people to be creative? These are just some of the questions that Architects At Play asks themselves everyday.


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