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Exciting International Opportunity for a BEA Prairies Member!

Building Equality in Architecture Prairies (BEA Prairies) is offering a unique sponsorship opportunity that will allow one member of BEA Prairies to take part in the TIE Accelerator program offered by The International Exchange (TIE). TIE Accelerator is a professionally run six-week leadership program, CPD-accredited, and takes just 2 hours a day. This opportunity is open to BEA Prairies members based in Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

About the program:

TIE Accelerator

Raise your game by impacting the world. Unearth the skills to lead in today’s world by working in a foreign environment from your home. You’ll work with good people in difficult situations trying to do great things in need of your help. It will be a test for you like no other, something you will always remember. TIE Accelerator is looking for professionals with a range of skills, and you don’t need any prior international development experience. Your skills in design, planning, city-building initiatives, and creative approaches to projects will be a valued asset within the 4-6 person international team you will be working with. Find out more at:

This opportunity will allow you to widen your horizons, expand your networks, develop global perspective and personal resilience, escape your silo to think, feel, and live outside your bubble, and use your skills to deliver purposeful and scaleable change.

You will take part in one of two projects, starting at the end of February, 2021. One is with the Zambian street children’s NGO Barefeet Theatre, and the other with Iracambi, an NGO working with the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest.

The International Exchange (TIE) connects professionals with social initiatives across the globe to “create the leaders the world needs now by allowing people to get out of their bubble and see the world through a different lens.” TIE offers a unique approach to those shaping the future of their industries or the world.

If you are interested, send us an email and we will get back to you with instructions on how to apply and an invitation to an upcoming info session. This is a fantastic opportunity that we are so excited to offer to our membership. Please reply by Tuesday, January 19th 2021. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

A short blurb on both organizations can be found here:

Iracambi short brief

Barefeet Theatre short brief

And you can also have a listen to the podcasts here:

Iracambi podcast

Barefeet Podcast


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